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Bromo Gedali
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Name:Mr. sim bun beng [Owner/Entrepreneur]
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Y!: bromogedali@yahoo.com Y!: bromogedali
Mobile Number:0818147474
Phone Number:0818147474
Address:Jalan raya graha bintaro
tangerang 15159, Banten
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Registration Date:Jan. 20, 2010
Last Updated:Oct. 08, 2011
Business Nature:Trade of Agriculture category

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Bromo gedali was the company that was involved in the trade in decorative plants and the wood fossil, we always gave the best for our customer, decorative plants that were offered by us were decorative plants that many in be interested in by the collector of decorative plants because of being the contest crop that could be made the decoration also the crop contest, there was also fossilwoods that was offered by us was the fossil woods KW1 where we guaranteed his authenticity and has in thorough by the experts who were experienced in identification his devout fossils especially fossilwoods and the animal.

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